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Free phone line for child protection


With a long tradition in Romania, ROMTELECOM is the largest telecommunications company in the country. The company is owned 54.01% by OTE International, a fully owned subsidiary of OTE Greece, and 45.99% by the Romanian State through the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Mission, vision and values

ROMTELECOM's mission as set by its shareholders is as follows:

ROMTELECOM will engage in providing telecommunications products and services to address the needs of Romanian consumers and business customers. It will conduct its operations in such a manner as to create shareholder value and be a respected corporate member of the Romanian society.

ROMTELECOM's view of the future is stated in its vision statement. The Corporate vision is the target ROMTELECOM strives to achieve in the future. It is the company's long-term definition of success. The ROMTELECOM vision is as follows:

ROMTELECOM will become the premier telecommunications products and services provider of choice in Romania. Customers will rank ROMTELECOM's services as exemplary and employees will rate it as one of the top five companies to work for in Romania. Finally, ROMTELECOM will match comparable Central European Carriers in terms of operational efficiency and profitability.

ROMTELECOM's values define the behavior that all employees should exhibit, and by doing so direct the Company towards customers and business success. The corporate values are as follows:

    • Customer Focused
    • Integrity
    • Respect for the Individual
    • Commitment
    • Teamwork

"Living" the values will become a part of the management appraisal process and will be used in the assessment of managerial performance.

ROMTELECOM's business

The strategic direction for ROMTELECOM is to change its corporate culture, modernize its business practices, maintain its market position, and focus on its investments. The approach to accomplish this requires discipline and pragmatism. It also must be accomplished in as short a time as possible.

In 2003 ROMTELECOM implemented a Corporate Transformation Plan , designed to transform ROMTELECOM from a 1960's government owned monopoly telephone company into a modern 21st century telecommunications enterprise. The transformation is necessitated by the introduction of competition into the Romanian telecommunications market and is required in order to achieve the Company's three Corporate Priorities: Minimize Costs, Increase Service Quality, Improve Customer Relations.

At ROMTELECOM each client is important and receives not only high-quality products and services, but also billing accuracy, service quality, value for money, customer support and dependability of commitments

The number of ROMTELECOM's customers raises up to more than 4 million customers at national level. ROMTELECOM is organized in seven Regional Telecommunications Directorates, with approximately 4.3 million lines in service, of which 80% are digitalized and 90% are automated, over 50,000 public payphones countrywide, and over 30,000 Km of optical fiber.

ROMTELECOM's services include:

  • Fixed-line telephone services (including local calls, domestic and international long distance)
  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN BRA and PRA)
  • Value Added Voice Services such as voice mail, call forwarding, conference calls, caller line ID
  • Internet dial up services
  • Internet Dedicated Access Services and Hosting
  • Voice VPN
  • IP VPN services
  • Operated Assisted Services including Directory Assistance and Telex services
  • PBX installation and maintenance including structured cabling
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Pre Paid Calling Card services for Payphones, standard fixed lines and VoIP
  • Payphone services,
  • Tele-voting and Tele-donation
  • Service Level Agreement

For most Romanians, ROMTELECOM means primarily fixed telephony. The company has a significant historical background and it is nowadays the major operator on the fixed telephony market. The social changes which took place in Romania and which were also reflected in ROMTELECOM's evolution transformed the company from a state monopoly into a real private one, which has radically modified its standards, priorities and most of all its responsibilities, focusing its whole policy on one major direction: the client.

Therefore, with new principles, with a new image which the company is permanently trying to improve, ROMTELECOM got closer to people. ROMTELECOM's involvement in the Romanian society is a true fact and the best way of communicating its corporate values.

Successful partnership with sport performance

ROMTELECOM has a remarkable partnership with the Romanian Olympic Committee. The company supported the Olympic Romanian team which participated in the Winter Olympic Games in 2002 and in the Summer Olympic Games, in 2004, in Athens . Two other important events, "Romanian Open Tennis" and "Challenger Brasov" took place under ROMTELECOM's patronage in 2002.

ROMTELECOM supports values

Starting 2003, ROMTELECOM had the honor of becoming partner of the most important theatrical event in Romania, UNITER, which supports and rewards excellence of Romanian artists. Starting 2001, the company supports with the same responsibility another important cultural event, with significant social implications, namely the Romanian Press Gala, thus taking part in sustaining the freedom of press and the recognition of its values. In the same area, in 2002, ROMTELECOM joined APTR, the Romanian TV Professionals Associations and last year became partner of The International Film Festival Dakino, the most important film festival in Romania. The theatrical season 2004-2005 of the Romanian Opera in Bucharest is also sustained by ROMTELECOM and few of the most important theaters in the capital ("I.L Caragiale" National Theater, "Nottara" Theater and the Jewish State Theater) benefited of the company's support.

Humanitarian actions

Between November 2001- November 2003, The National Authority for Children's Rights Protection developed the public campaign against children abandon and institutionalization, named "The orphanage is not at home". ROMTELECOM embraced the deep social message of this campaign and contributed to making people aware of it by granting the Association a free Green Line, this way supporting families and persons with special needs, helping to their counseling and guiding them towards the General Directions of Social Assistance and Child's Protection. Romtelecom has been the official sponsor of the phone calls traffic since the Free Phone Line for Child Protection was founded in 2001, providing to the National Authority for Child Rights Protection the first telverde number once this service entered the Romanian market. Due to Romtelecom's support, parents and children from Romania can contact the Free Phone Line for Child Protection free of charge and thus can make the first step in solving their problems.

Romtelecom gets involved as well in promotion activities meant to ensure the visibility of the Free Phone Line for Child Protection. In addition to the sponsorship of the minutes therefore, Romtelecom is offering support:

•  by advertising the Toll Free Line within Romtelecom's offices and shops

•  by sponsoring the production of one version of Romtelecom's envelopes sent with invoices to the telephone users, consisting also of advertisement of the Toll Free Line number

•  by sponsoring the printing of a special version of Romtelecom's pre-paid calling cards, personalized with the name and number of the Toll Free Line

As a result of Romtelecom's initiatives for promoting the Toll Free Line, more people included in the target groups were informed about the existence of this service and that was positively reflected in the significant increase of the number of the cases received.

Since 2003, the company supports the Program of Discovering and Preventing Breast Cancer, launched by Renasterea Foundation, by offering the first free call service in Romania (Pink Line) dedicated to this matter.

Last year, ROMTELECOM decided to support the Association "Save Dan ube Delta", this way responding to the message launched by Catavencu Academy in order to protect this area and to stop construction of the Ukrainian channel Bastroe.


In this field, ROMTELECOM developed projects for financially sustaining some important institutions of the Romanian educational system: Polytechnic Universities in Bucharest , Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara , "Babes Bolyai" University in Cluj, the Economical Studies Academy in Bucharest and the American International School . The Romanian Academy also acknowledged ROMTELECOM among its sponsors.

Dan Pazara, General Manager Corporate Affairs, the man who coordinates and sustains the company's social involvement believes in the company's responsibility for the Romanian society and is decided to keep this policy. "By permanently involving in the Romanian society, ROMTELECOM wants to demonstrate its policy by facts. Besides being a strong brand, our company intends to be a trustful partner for the Romanian society. As a company which respects its clients, members of Romanian society, we want to act for their benefit. We are happy to see how this mentality grows and how many other large companies in Romania get more and more involved in the society's welfare. We are trying to be wherever someone asks for our support and this way we hope to convince those who trust us that we are a reliable company".

General Direction of the Police of Bucharest (www.politiaromana.ro/bucuresti.htm)

General Direction of Bucharest Police (GDBP) gets involved in the promotion activities for ensuring the visibility of the Free Phone Line for Child Protection , in view of supporting the people interested in child's rights issues or the people who want to denounce a possible case of abuse. Thus, GDBP approved to expose the Toll Free Line's presentation materials in all the police offices in Bucharest .

GDBP is also provided by the Toll Free Line with information about cases related to infringements of the law, in which the child rights are violated.

Mass media

Mass media has been playing a very important role in promoting the Toll Free Line and especially in broadcasting its message to the target groups. Thanks to the support offered by all the mass media channels, the Toll Free Line's number was promoted and got the recognition of 68,4% of the population, according to the IMAS' research.

Mass media channels provided free air time for the Toll Free Line's promotion radio and tv spots.

Starting this year, Realitatea tv (link to www.realitatea.tv ) got involved in the promotion of the Toll Free Line and ensured its visibility by offering non-stop advertisement of the number on the crawl. The promotion of the Toll Free Line through Realitatea tv's crawl contribute to the information of a larger number of parents and children regarding the existence of this service and that was reflected in the continuous increase of number of the phone calls received.

The Romanian National Television (link to www.tvr.ro ) involves as well in the promotion of the toll free line, ensuring its visibility on the teletext page , within the heading Phones - Telverde Numbers (page 706).

Astral tv (link to www.astral.ro ) also sustains the promotion of the Toll Free Line by airing the number on its channel, within the section dedicated to Useful Telephone Numbers.

Evenimentul Zilei (link to www.evenimentul-zilei.com ) and Jurnalul National (link to www.jurnalul.ro ) newspapers daily publish in their pages the Toll Free Line number within sections dedicated to useful telephone numbers.

BancPost (www.bancpost.ro)

Bancpost is one of the most important banks in Romania , providing a comprehensive range of products and services to more than 2.5 million customers. Its sound shareholding structure, experienced managerial team and successful partnership with international financial institutions, together with the high professionalism and dedication of its employees, are the main ingredients of the Bank's future positive development, able to open new opportunities and perspectives.

Bancpost supports this project out of the belief that social responsibility is a defining feature of any sound and solid company, which adds, to a large extent, value to its activity. Bancpost is the only bank in Romania that chose to make social payments such as state child allowances, for more than 3.5 million children, aware that the benefit is neither immediate nor measurable in profit but still with sustainable effects, by creating a segment convinced that the bank is a friend in need. Bancpost involves in the promotion activity of the Green Line for Child Protection by exposing the presentation materials in their branches and offices.

HelpNet (www.helpnet.ro)

Help Net is a pharmacies network with the fastest development in Romania . At present, the Help Net team numbers 700 specialists in the pharmacy domain, approximately 70 locations ( 40 locations in Bucharest and almost 30 in the whole country, either in the towns or in the rural areas).

Help Net is known as the pharmacy network with social responsibility involvement and gathers until 2004, approximately 400 000 loyal clients.

Help Net Confident is an umbrella concept, under which one of the largest programme of information and free medical couselling is developed in the Help Net network. Monthly, in every farmacy, the clients receive medical counselling from a specialist.

The Help Net Card servicies is a card for special servicies and discounts of 5% for any purchased product.

Help Net is involved in the promotion activities for ensuring the Toll Free Line's visibility by exposing the presentation materials in their pharmacy network.

National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (www.robcc.ro )

RONACAB is involved in the promotion activities for ensuring the Toll Free Line's visibility by exposing the presentation materials in their offices' network.

Municipal Center of Psychopedagogical Assistance

Municipal Center of Psychopedagogical Assistance involves in the promotion activities of the Toll Free Line by exposing the presentation materials in the psychological councelling centers within primary and high schools from Bucharest .

Public transport Companies

Public transport Companies has got involved in the promotion activities for ensuring the Toll Free Line's visibility by exposing the dedicated posters of this service in the public transport (buses and tramways)

Regia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti (www.ratb.ro )

Regia Autonoma de Transport Constanta

SC "Trabsurbis" SA Zalau

PubliTrans2000 S.A. Arges

Regia Autonoma "Transurban" Satu Mare

S.C. Transurban S.A. Orastie

Regia Autonoma de Transport Urban de Calatori Cluj

Transport Public Targoviste

SC Transport Local "Urbis" SA Baia Mare

SC " Transport Local " SA Targu Mures

SC "Ali Transcom" SRL Calarasi

SC "Tracum" SRL Giurgiu

Regia Autonoma de Transport Calatori Craiova

Regia Autonoma de Transport Timisoara

S.C. Braicar S.A. Braila

SC Transloc Prest SA Teleorman



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