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Frequent Questions


Which are the necessary documents in order to benefit from maternal leave?

Could the father benefit from leave in order to raise his child?

Which institution should I address to when my child is physically molested by the teacher?

My neighbours are physically molesting their children. What could I do to help the children?

How could I become foster parent and which are the documents I need to register in this respect?

What a dossier for national adoption should consist of? Which are the steps I have to follow?

My child doesn't have birth certificate; which institution should I address to in this respect ?

My ex-husband refuses to pay the allowance for board; what could I do in this situation?

Five years ago I left my child in a placement center. Now I want to bring my child back home. What could I do? Whom should I address to? Do I still have any rights over my child?

I want to take care of my nephew under family placement conditions; which is the procedure I should follow in this respect?

I've run away from home because I'm afraid of my father, who is alcoholic. Where could I go? Where could I find a shelter?




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