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This section of the website is addressed to those professional groups who work with, or have regular contact with, children in Romania - such as social workers, teachers, doctors, policemen and judges. It is a national priority that these professional groups work closely together when it comes to implementing the law on child rights, as well as understanding its spirit.

Although the principles of child rights are straightforward, and the primary responsibilities lie with the family and the local community, implementing child rights legislation can be very complex as it assumes a high degree of cooperation and partnership between professional groups - as well as basic knowledge about what child rights are.

Professional groups such as teachers, priests and nurses come into regular contact with children and can refer cases of abuse and neglect to the police or social assistance departments. The police, social workers or even judges then get involved in finding a solution that is in accordance with the principles of child rights. This assumes a good level of local collaboration and trust between professional groups.


Planning of follow-up sessions for professional groups

The training videos used in the workshops can be requested by fax at 021-2317756 or by email at office@childrights.ro



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