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Training sessions for social workers


Training sessions for professional groups


The 100 training sessions have brought together representatives of the main institutions which are involved in child protection (medical staff, social workers, teachers, judges, policemen and priests).

The training sessions had as a main aim to offer the participants a better knowledge of the law on the Promotion and Protection of Child Rights as well as to show examples of good practice. Those involved in child protection must know the spirit, as well as the letter, of the new law and gain a better understanding of each other's roles. This will contribute to a better quality of child care service.

The main themes discussed were child rights, the separation of the child from his/her parents, protection against abuse and exploitation and special protection measures. The training sessions have been designed as interactive, with emphasis on practical exercises, case studies and training films with examples of good practice.

Each training session was held by a team of two Romanian trainers with experience in the field of child rights, according to a manual developed with international experts.

The training sessions had a duration of two days each in the following regional locations in Romania: Bucharest , Cluj, Constanta , Craiova , Iasi and Timisoara . They were held between 29th August and 28th October 2005 . In each location 15 to 17 training sessions took place successively.

The training sessions have brought together 1768 participants, as follows: 465 social workers, 467 representatives of education professionals, 229 representatives of health professionals, 270 magistrates, 235 police representatives, 102 representatives of the church. They were held by a total of 18 Romanian trainers, in regional training centres coordinated by the National Institute of Administration. From each county, the number of representatives has ranged from 17 to 90, with 146 participants for Bucharest. The level of satisfaction received from the participants has reached a maximum level for over 70% of the cases.

The participants have also been invited to a series of one-day additional seminars, in order to analyse the results in their professional activity and for discussions about the main issues identified during training sessions and subsequent practice.

The one-day additional seminars take place between November 2005 - January 2006, according to the planning.

A series of 86 workshops have also been organised for social workers at local and county level, regrouping over 2600 participants and aiming to clarify respective roles and develop common working methodologies between local and county level. They were organised in 42 DGASPCs, between September - October 2005.



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