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Within the framework of the 1999 EC Phare Programme for the Development of the Child Welfare Services which was implemented by the National Authority for Child Protection and Adoption, a public awareness campaign was launched for preventing abandonment and institutionalisation of children in Romania . The public awareness campaign was implemented within the framework of the project funded by the EC Phare Programme "Public Awareness Campaign for Preventing Abandonment and Institutionalisation of Children in Romania " (May 2001 to October 2002).

Further to the great success of this public awareness campaign, a follow-up campaign was funded by the EC's 2001 Phare funds through the project "Follow-up Public Awareness Campaign to Prevent Abandonment and Institutionalisation of Children in Romania" (November 2002 to November 2003).


With the slogan " Casa de copii nu e acasa" (A children's home is not a home), the campaign aimed at informing families and general public about the importance of raising a child in a family environment and the negative effects that abandonment and institutionalization could have on a child. The campaign also communicated the existing alternatives and services helping families taking care of their children.

The public awareness campaign included highly visible TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising, as well as a public relations campaign.

Changing the mentality of the general public about child welfare was a major part of the programme. The campaign emphasizes on the existence of alternative solutions to institutionalization and the importance of the reintegration children into their family, promoting in the same time domestic adoption and foster care.

Parallel to the campaign, a toll free phone information service was launched, as a source of information on where to go for help and what type of alternative solutions are available to parents, families or children in difficulty.


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