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About child rights

Child rights are a set of international conventions which define the conditions for the normal development of a child. In Romania , child rights are now the subject of a new law , which is in accordance with the international conventions.

All children have their own rights - whether at home with their natural parents, in foster families, child care institutions or at school. Parents and families, the professional groups who work with children, as well as any responsible citizen, should know about these rights.

Policemen and judges have to apply the law , but everybody (especially those directly working with children) are obliged to report on cases of child abuse or neglect. Local and central government authorities are obliged under the new law to guarantee and promote child rights.

The new law on children's rights makes it clear, for the first time, that the main responsibility for raising a child lies with his/her parents. The law also states that the local community has an obligation to support the child and his/her family if they are facing difficulties.

The State is only a guarantor of child rights. This is contrary to what many people believe - that the State can be a substitute for parents and families, since it can supply food and shelter. The new law promotes the new idea of alternative family based services as opposed to the old residential type state institutions.

If their rights are violated, children face serious risks: abnormal physical and emotional development, bad health, poor or no education, lack of shelter, insecurity, vulnerability, unhappiness.



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The State of Knowledge About the Child Protection Reform in Romania
By PhD Ulrika Jerre Department of Political Science, Lund University , Sweden

UN Convention
on the Rights of the Child

Romanian Law
on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of the Child

Innovative issues
in the Law on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of the Child

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