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Project Background

The title of this PHARE project is Educational Campaign on Family Advisory Issues and Child Rights in Romania .

This project aims to raise awareness of child rights in Romania- as defined in international conventions and the new Romanian law. A campaign will be launched which will target parents and families. , Professional groups who are involved in child protection (social workers, teachers, judges, police) will also be informed about child rights through a series of training seminars, and they will be offered practical advice about how to implement child rights legislation in their daily practice. The international media will also be updated about the reform of the child protection system in Romania and how child rights have been implemented into law.

Project activities will be organised in three principal areas:

•  A general education campaign for parents and families (including a toll free line)

•  Educational activities for relevant professional groups

•  Activities for the international media.

This campaign will follow up progress made by the PHARE project Public Awareness Campaign for the Prevention of Institutionalisation of Children in Romania (with its well known campaign logo "A children's home is not a home").

Project Partners

Enterprise PLC (UK)

Ramboll Management (Denmark)

Mercury Promotions (Romania)


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