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Child Rights in Romania

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to the issue of Child Rights, to explain their importance, and to explain how this initiative came about. We also want to show you how our project is promoting child rights in Romania, and what information we can offer children and professionals working with children and parents.

This website has been developed by the public awareness campaign " Educational Campaign on Family Advisory Issues and Child Rights “, a project which was commissioned by the National Authority for the Protection of Child Rights and the EU's PHARE programme. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness, among families, professional groups and the media of what are now legally binding rights for the protection of children.

Children 's rights are now law. But it needs to be understood that this is a social law, not a penal law – in other words it can only be effectively implemented by people changing their approach; not by punishment. The law aims to support the family and community networks that exist around each child. Rather than punishing families, the new law aims to support them in the complex and demanding task of bringing up children.

A better knowledge of Child Rights will lead to a better life for all children, and it is important that more people in Romania know about this issue. Knowing what is meant in practice by Child Rights will give people useful guidance in how to behave towards children.

If you know of a case of child abuse there is a simple way to act: call the Toll Free Line! We also want to tell the world that things really have improved in Romania as regards child protection (just look at the statistics under the press section of this site). Romania is a country where children's rights are now enshrined in law, many children have been taken out of the old-style institutions, and the child protection system has been thoroughly reformed.

The project was financed by the European Commission's PHARE programme (see www.infoeuropa.ro ) and the National Authority for the Protection of Children's Rights (NAPCR). (see www.copii.ro ). The consortium managing this project is led by Enterprise PLC (UK), in partnership with Ramboll Management (Denmark) and Mercury Promotions (Romania).

The continuation project “Educational Campaign on Child's Rights” is managing by the consortium led by LDK Consultants S.A. in partnership with EIR Development Partners, Bernard Bruhnes International and the Resource and Information Centre for Social Professions (CRIPS).

Both projects are carried out on behalf of NAPCR.

EU Flag  Project financed by the EUROPEAN UNION

This web site does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Commission. The initiators of the site are the sole responsible for the information provided through this site.

For information related to other programmes funded by the European Union in Romania, as well as for detailed information about Romania’s accession to the European Union, you are invited to visit the web site of The Information Centre of the European Commission in Romania





Consiliul Copiilor SPUNE!

0800 8 200 200

Child Protection FREE phone line offered by


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SPUNE! National Conference
Almost 100 children from all over Romania participate in the 1st SPUNE! National Conference, taking place on 20-22 October 2006 in Bucharest. See here for details.

Edelweiss National Talent Competition - 4th Edition - 20 November 2006
The 4th edition of this contest has been launched - applications are valid till 31 October 2006 - see here for more details.

Child Welfare in Romania Brochure

This brochure tells the story of the reform process that has taken place in Romania since 1997 in the child protection system. It describes the problems that were inherited from the former regime and how the slow and difficult (and still ongoing) reform process has worked. It also present the new law in the sector and statistics of children in care and describes the process of placing a child in the protection of a substitute family.

J K Rowling visits Romania
on a fact-finding visit to asses the reform of the child wellfare sector
See all articles from the intenational media

Essay Contest
Winners of the National Essay Contest on child rights (only in Romanian)

International Conference on Child Rights
Bucharest, Romania, 2 - 3 of February 2006

Child Rights, the Role of Families and Alternative Care Policies Developments, Trends and Challenges in Europe


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